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To reset dunning history in dunning run

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Hello experts,

We are having a requirement where dunning should reset (should start with initial step) if there is collection strategy change on the contract account?

I am trying to achieve it by implementing a logic in events 312 and 314 to identify strategy change and group all items in a single group and deleting last step from it_fkkmavs table. Didn't received expected output yet.

Please suggest if there any better options.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Harshal,

I'll go for the option of building this condition directly in BRFplus, if the collection strategy of the last executed dunning run is different from the current strategy... then you start with your initial step.



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Hi cristobalfuentealba,

Thanks for the reply but this logic won't work in our case as we have capacity planning in place so some steps got reversed. For example, if account having latest step executed with inactive strategy and it become active. Due to capacity planning or other reason no dunning happen on customer with Active strategy and customer again become inactive so dunning will start with the next step considering its last step as latest dunning step which was of inactive strategy. However, strategy change happens on account twice.

I have implemented a functionality to identify collection strategy change happen after recent dunning history and if is changed then clear values from CT_FKKMAKO_PREVIOUS & CT_FKKMAZE_PREVIOUS in even 314.