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There is a subsequent periodic posting

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Hello SAP Gurus,

I'm an FI person and I'm still new and exploring Real Estate Management Module in SAP. We are trying to reverse an RE contract but encounter an error message "There is a subsequent periodic posting &1& ". As stated on the "Procedure", we need to reverse periodic posting that comes after it but not sure what are those documents/contract that needs to be reversed. How should we know what are the docs that needs to be reversed? Are there any tcodes or tables for this?

Would appreciate if you can enlighten us on this.

Thank you very much!


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Dear Jack Collins.

First of all, you must think that RE contract include the Cash Flow such as billing or payment

schedule. and RE contract always check this monthly,yearly or daily cash flow item had been posted

or not. So, If you want to delete the RE contarct, you must check cash flow item whether posted(closed) item remained or not.

You can check your contract as below.

1) Go to T-code : REISCDCF (Cash Flow)

    - Select your contract number

    - Check selection parameter "Period>display" to "4.Only Actual Items".

    - Check reporting result whether posted(closed) item remained or not.

    (If you want to check this posted item from table list, you can check "VICDCFPAY-STATUS".

     Status field has "P", "I" and "V" )

2) If "Posted Actual item" remained, you must check this RE/FI document.(FI document has RE

    Process ID on the "Reference field of FI document".

    (When you try RE Revers posting individually, This process id must be checked. )

3) Go to T-code : REPAPPRV (Reversal Posting)

    You can try to reverse this posted document. and then Go to RECN and  try to delete


Additionally, you can see below comments :

RE reversal indicator is set in the posting document, and

If the reversal has been carried out correctly, the indicator has changed from „I" (actual record) to„P" (plan record) in the cash flow of the general contract.

* If several documents are generated from a periodic posting on a general contract (with transfer postings to objects!), these documents are identified as a cluster. To ensure the consistency of the postings, you should reverse all related documents!

If you delete an individual document from a cluster, the indicator X is set for this item in the cash flow. These items will not be considered in subsequent periodic postings until all documents of the cluster are reversed and consequently the item has the plan record P indicator again.



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We tried to process reversal thru RERAPPRV using process id and encounter error message regarding some docs that cannot be reversed due to items were already cleared. We noticed that some documents that SAP was trying to reverse belongs to other customers. Can we limit the reversal to a specific customer or is it required to reverse all those docs before we can reverse the process id.

Thank you very much!


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Hi Jack,

We have two option when we execute RERAPPRV:

1. selection by process ID

2. Selection by contracts

If you only want to reverse specific contracts choose the 2nd option.

Now coming to the encountered error, " Cannot be reversed due to items were already cleared".

Take that document number (which is not getting reversed) and go to BSEG table and find the clearing document number. Pass document number, company code and fiscal year in BSEG table and execute. Once you get the clearing document number, make a note of that number.

Call transaction code FBRA and choose reverse and reset option when system prompts for an option.

After this step, again execute RERAPPRV and you will be able to reverse the postings for that contract.



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Hi Jack,

Error message Message no. F5802

Document ********* **** **** already contains cleared items - reversal not possible

If you are trying to reverse the document which already cleared (payment received) SAP not allow you to reverse the document henceforth first you have to reverse the clearing document entry

Run T. Code RECN->Condition->Simulate->click on posted  icon->Accounting document->Click on customer ->copy clearing document number

OR Run T. Code SE16N->enter table name BSEG enter the document number company code fiscal year for which you want clearing document number->Execute

Run T. Code FBRA along-with company code and fiscal year->save (execute)

After reversing of clearing document run T. Code RERAPPRV ->Enter process ID->company code, Fiscal year, reversal reason ->Execute

Note: - You can enter the contract number if you do ‘not want to reverse all the posting related to process ID (contract specific reversal)



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Hi Jack,

you may check the cashflow of the contract to verify which periods are already posted.

Please use transaction RECN for the contract, proceed to the condition tab and there you can access the cashflow items. Each cashflow item shows the status if posted or not and for the posted items the ID of the posting run is shown also in the details and you can also access the posted document by thrilldown.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Franz

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Hi Jack,

Seems to be you have run the periodic posting for the given contract using T code RERAPP.

If you want to reverse it use T code -RERAPPRV and try to reverse all previous posted documents.This is the only way to reverse the posted documents against RE contract.Also check payment receipts as well.may be in your case you have posted many times but not reversed all documents, pls check.

Also if you want to reserve a property / rental unit make sure property is not allocated to a contract will not allow you if you already made a contract for the given period.(other then  informational option)

Pls try to revert with clear status of rental unit and contract if need some more details on this.



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Please give detailed step by step guide how to regenerate the error