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SPC Inspection as Valuation Mode

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Hi Everyone,

After calculating and saving the control limits for the SPC chart, the system valuates results with control limits instead of with the tolerance (specification limits specified at inspection characteristics level). I found that if the control limits were not saved after creating the control chart, the system will valuate results with the tolerance and the user valuates manually. Is there another way to use SPC and have the system only valuate results with the tolerance? Calculating and studying control limits are very useful, but not if they prevent the system from valuating results with the intended tolerance. I look forward to any replies. Thanks.

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Hi P N,

I am not sure if you could valuate it without any manual activity. But instead of valuation the insp chars manually for a while, you could enter your tolerance limits manually at the beginning for once. If you change your customiztion for your control chart type, then system will allow you to enter it manually then you will not need to wait for enough results recorded to be able to calculate it with the system.

Btw do you know if you could automatically valuate on results recording by Western Electric Rules instead of calculated tolerance limits?