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Set XBLNR and OPORD differently to DFKKOP

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Hi all,

we are using BAPI_CTRACDOCUMENT_CREATE to create open items in FI-CA. The different values we set in fields ref_doc_no and class_key per Item, which is in the PARTNERPOSITIONS table in the mentioned BAPI, are ignored in the further procedure - only the first value is taken over. This fields refer to XBLNR and OPORD, table DFKKOP. Both fields have a relation to the header table DFKKKO and seems to be replicating on the positions. It would be very helpful for us if we could fill these two fields differently at the DFKKOP level, as we can't create separated fica documents for functional reasons.

Does anyone have experience with this or can give a note on how we can populate this information differently within a document?


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Hi bekir.cosar,

What I was referring is that the associated FICA document gets created when you generate the invoice document (e.g. Utility industry). Then that invoice document gets stored in the XBLNR field of the FICA document (OPBEL). Now there if you want to update the OPORD with separate information, the event R429 can be used.

Coming back to your issue, Is there any other process present in your system which is filling up the OPORD field when generating the FICA document ?



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Hi rahul.chakraborty3 , ok. We use application Area S - Extended FI-CA.

Yes, for sure. We have integrated scenario with SD, so Event 4000 and 0061 is triggered with an custom logic to overrule the input for OPORD - but there we check before the value in "HERKF", which is not matching with the value for our case we use for the BAPI. Otherwise, only this parallel process is provided, which we would like to use for a direct posting of a FICA document through the mentioned BAPI.