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Set XBLNR and OPORD differently to DFKKOP

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Hi all,

we are using BAPI_CTRACDOCUMENT_CREATE to create open items in FI-CA. The different values we set in fields ref_doc_no and class_key per Item, which is in the PARTNERPOSITIONS table in the mentioned BAPI, are ignored in the further procedure - only the first value is taken over. This fields refer to XBLNR and OPORD, table DFKKOP. Both fields have a relation to the header table DFKKKO and seems to be replicating on the positions. It would be very helpful for us if we could fill these two fields differently at the DFKKOP level, as we can't create separated fica documents for functional reasons.

Does anyone have experience with this or can give a note on how we can populate this information differently within a document?


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Hi bekir.cosar,

Has the classification key been activated from the IMG? If not, kindly activate it from the below path.

SPRO-->Financial Accounting (New)-->Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable-->Program Extensions-->Prepared Extensions-->Classification Key.

If it's already been activated, could you please confirm if OPORD is correctly getting updated for the FICA documents generated from the nominal invoice run?



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Hi rahul.chakraborty3 , yes - I activated OPORD via Standard Cust path. I called this customizing path again to check the activation verification - positive, without any error. I'm not quite sure what you mean by Invoice run with reference to FI-CA, can you tell me the exact process there? We only use the FI-CA module, without the CC or CI part.