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Security Question: I can I restrict access to legal regs?

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Hi, I have a security question.

When a user goes to transaction /SAPSLL/BL_DOCS_EXP

selects the row of a specific document

clicks on the Change Prod. Master icon

the user is navigated to the Change Products Legal Control tab /screen (but the transaction still says /SAPSLL/BL_DOCS_EXP

I want to restrict the user to only be able to change specific legal regs

Any ideas?

I looked at the authorizations set up for my role and I don't see one that I can utilize for this purpose.

Thank you, Mikki

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Hi Mikki,

Yes, an authorisation check is carried out in that situation.  Authorisation Object GTS_PR_LRG is considered for all Legal Regulations to which the Product is assigned for Compliance purposes.  I didn't debug fully, but it looks like you will get a report if the user has partial authorisation for the Legal Regulation set.

I suggest you set up one or more test user accounts with differing access, and see what results you get.