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SD schedule agreement with delivery sales order - CO-PA double incoming orders record

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Hi gurus

I'm actually struggling with this requirement from my business:

SD flow implemented:

-Scheduling agreement:

Period 1 200 qty 200€

Period 2 200 qty 200€

Period 3 200 qty 200€

For period 1 the business create then a delivery sales order, deliver and bill it.

SO period 1 200 qty 200€

Billing period 1 200 qty 200€

In my present KE30 report I find this 200 qty double as incoming invoice as:

I see the record type A for 600 qty / 600 € for the entire SA; I also find record A for 200 qty /200€ from delivery order. So incoming order section became 600 + 200.

Then I also see F record for the billing but this is correctly addressed to invoiced info section so no issue here.

How SAP standard deals with this lack of reporting? The A record from SA position and SO position have exactly the same master data, so I cannot find any field to pilot.

The requirement in my mind is:

1)only SA for 600 qty present, KE30 show this one -> working

2)SA for 600 qty, where 200 qty already booked to be sent (Sales order present) -> expected to see 400 qty from SA (-200 as those are passed to SO) + 200 qty from SO = 600 qty for incoming orders

and so on, but i cannot find any way to archive it (of course without ABAPping exits).

Anyone dealt with something similar? Any ideas to come out from this oding a clear report that take this into account?

Thanks a lot.

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