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Script logic - how to test for entry of "" (nothing)

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I have a bit of logic that checks whether an account (METHOD) has certain values and then records a value onto a different account. This works fine, except for cases where a user changes the current value of METHOD to nothing, i.e. deletes the value in an input schedule and then saves it.

My script is



*IS "90"

There are a few more *IS statements after this one which are checking for different values.

I then tried this

*IS ""

the idea is that when the current value in METHOD is deleted, a zero value should be recorded on PGROUP, but that does not work.

In my mind the problem is the *IS"" but I have no idea how else to write it.

Thanks for any help in advance

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Answers (2)

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Hello Arnold

Could you please give me some info about "GET" keyword.

Thanks in advance

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With the GET keyword you can check for a value on a dimension member, in my case I

first select the account called METHOD from my account structure (which is OWNACCOUNT)

second I check for the value stored on that account

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found a solution