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SCAL Calendar transport missing public holidays after transport

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Hello Friends,

I have created public holidays and assigned them to a Holiday Calendar in SCAL, and then assigned the Holiday Calendar to a Factory Calendar.

When I display the Factory Calendar and look at the Year in my DEV system, I can see the assigned public holidays under the section Public Holidays on the right side.

I then use the Transport button on the initial screen and hook all onto a transport. However, when I move this to the QA system I don't see any Public Holidays assigned to the Factory Calendar year in the QA system. It does not look like the transport has taken it through to QA system.

The transport log does not show any errors.

Can you advise why the public holidays which are correctly assigned in DEV system are not getting transported to the QA system?

Thank you.


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Answers (2)

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We encountered the same issue. OSS Note 2581285 addresses how to update the calendar buffer to display changes.

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please check this OSS Note 538344