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SAP TRM FX - Spot posting in different company codes

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I have a scenario by which the cash flows related to an FX transaction (spot, forward) take place in two different company codes.

In essence, the FX contract is place on Company Code A to buy USD against EUR (for example).
Company code B will send the EUR to the bank and company code A will receive the negotiated USD equivalent.

Cash flows are processed in two different company codes and using different bank accounts belonging to two different company codes.

Anybody has any recommendations as to how to handle this scenario?

I was thinking about using mirroring to replicate the contract in company code B but I am wondering if there is an easier solution.

Additionally to the requirement above, the EUR cash flow initiated by company code B to the trading bank needs to be processed through the payment program (F110) clearing a vendor open item on company code A's vendor in company code B.

Any help is appreciated.

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