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SAP System(FICO)-How to post IDOC EDI Bal. not zero in steps.

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I work in 'Support team'. Can anyone please tell in simple terms :
1.What is an IDOC?

2.Use/Role in FICO?

3.How to reprocess below IDOC in system by FICO team. How do we reprocess status from 51 to 53 or 68 with steps?

IDoc numberMessage TypeIDoc StatusCreated OnErrorStatus message IDStatusMessageNumberMessage VariantCompany CodeSales Org.Distr. ChannelDivisionBilling Doc.Billing TypeCurrencyPurchasing Doc.Ptr/cusDateNet Invoice ValueSupplier
371713479INVOIC5120240208Balance not zero: 13.946,74- debits: 13.946,74  credits: 0,00M8534MRMUS07US0845154965606ZREUSD450400124602024010801527878

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