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SAP Price Calculation - % Discount based on duration

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I used this new feature 'Using date fields from subscriptions in pricing' released this quarter to calculate the duration of a subscription and then use the duration as a range to get different pricing.

While this works for the Price Type 'Linear', it does not work for 'Percentage'.

The error that I get from the price element specification is "The units of measure in the charge with the rate element 'FRAISRENOUVELLEMENT' and in the price element specification 'SP_RemiseKA02_N' must match."

Our requirement is to give a discount of 30% on the first three months of the subscription.

Is there a workaround to meet this requirement ?

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Hi Kevin,

seems to match exactly the use case I've setup in our test tenant.

Price Element Specification: Recurring RampDisc with pricing tree like this:

And Lookup Table price condition defined like this:

Then of course add this to the pricing scheme as a discount (not statistical, sign = '-')

Now, I created a subscription backdated, starting Jul 15th
And got the discount applied only for the first 2 months:

Sep15 - Oct 14

Jul 15 - Aug 14

The error message you've listed is indicating that the base price ('Recurring Price' in my example above) - which is the basis for the discount calculation - is not correctly calculated. I guess it is because of a mismatch in the price condition of your corresponding price element.

Best regards