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SAP PaPM - SP21 - Environment Error


Hello Experts,


We have newly installed SAP PaPM - SP21 on our SAP S/4 HANA 2021 version (on premise). All the post installation steps have been completed as per the Admin Guide.

While trying to edit an environment we are getting "500 Internal Server Error - A row with the index 1 is not in the table". Upon investigating I found that there are ST22 dumps related to following class - /NXI/CL_P1_APP_NODE_LIST

I have checked the authorizations in SU53 and there is no missing authorizations

Has anybody encountered this error?

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Hello Amogh,

Did you find the solution for the reported issue, I am also facing a similar error while continuing with the saved environment.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi All,

I encountered the same error.
I configured PaPM on a transporting landscape. The first 2 systems are fine.
But on the third system I get the same "CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND" error at the same code line.
In PaPM I can create a new environment, upon save there is a first error message "500 Internal Server Error". Reloading the webpage shows the created environment, but opening it results in the error "500 Internal Server Error No row with index 1".
I think the error originates that my system is "Not modifiable".
I checked the NXI tables and TP1ENV is filled but there is no record in table TP1F.
I think this is an undefined state.
The coding looks like PaPM awaits records in TP1F if there is an TP1ENV record.
If the system is "not modifiable" PaPM should not be able the write in TP1ENV and give a propper error message.


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Hi all,

I have the same problem, is there a solution for this already?


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Hi Amogh,

I understand that you are encountering issues when you are trying to edit an environment. Since I need more information regarding this, may I ask if you are editing inside the environment? Also, could you please re-check the dump in ST22 which component it is directed to? Could you please double check the Number Range intervals if this was performed correctly after the patch to SP21.

I would like to suggest also that kindly raise an OSS incident for us to further check the issue you are encountering.

Hope this helps!

Thanks and best regards,

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Hello Kevin,


Thanks for your response. Kindly see my four points below based on your request

1) Yes . While editing an environment I am getting the error

2) ST22 dump -

Category ABAP programming error




Application Component FS-PER

Date and Time 31.05.2023 08:06:19 (CET)

ERROR Analysis - An exception has occurred in class "CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND". This exception was not caught in procedure "SET_SELECTED_ROWS" "(METHOD)" or propagated by a RAISING clause. Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated this exception, the current program was terminated. The reason for the exception occurring was:

The reason for the exception is:

Access failed for table "<F_DATA>".

Access method: "INDEX".

Line index (for "INDEX" access) / key name (for "KEY" access): 1.

Key values: " " " " " " " "

SOURCE CODE WHERE ERROR OCCURED - The termination occurred in ABAP program or include "/NXI/CL_P1_APP_NODE_LIST======CP", in "SET_SELECTED_ROWS". The main program was "SAPMHTTP".

In the source code, the termination point is in line 19 of include

"/NXI/CL_P1_APP_NODE_LIST======CM005". include "/NXI/CL_P1_APP_NODE_LIST======CM005". The termination is due to exception "CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND" occurring in procedure "SET_SELECTED_ROWS" "(METHOD)", but not being handled locally there or being declared in the RAISING clause. The procedure is in program"/NXI/CL_P1_APP_NODE_LIST======CP". Its source code begins in line 1 of include "/NXI/CL_P1_APP_NODE_LIST======CM005".

3) Number Ranges - Yes, we have changed them and not used the Number ranges defined in the SAP Admin Guide (SEP'2019). as we are aware they are reserved for SAP. However, can you confirm that do we need to maintain any value in the "NR status" column? (although guide doesnt mention this)

4) We have raised the OSS already