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​SAP PaPM Dynamic Filter based on process parameters/selections

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Hi All,

we have a write function with an adso planning as target infoprovider. The writing mode is set to "Delete and Insert". We have noticed that in the writing phase the values of the PaPM parameters set in the process are not used to carry out the related deletion filters but the values of the "Selection" fields are used. However, these fields cannot be modified by the process itself. Does anyone know if it is possible to set dynamic writer filters based on the values of the parameters entered in the process? Is there an alternative method to set this dynamism?

Thank you,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Riccardo.

I may be mistaken, but my understanding of the "Complete Deletion of Data Target Content" option in the Writer functions does not allow for partial deletions. I requested this feature be added to the Writer function, and at the time we were told it would be total deletions of the existing records. Unless the functionality has been updated since it was first implemented back in 2019, then I don't think partial or filtered deletions are possible. The reason this feature was added was to reuse an ADSO by dropping the existing data each time the Writer is run. This helped prevent ADSO from continuing to grow in size with no way to prune the old data in the ADSO from PaPM. The only other option was to use the DataStore Objects feature and delete the data. However, this feature is not available in our production environments.

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Hi Ricardo,

Check below thread. You will get some idea on TVARC method to achieve it.