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SAP GTS Tariff number 101 is not transferred to S/4 HANA using comco transfer program

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Hi Team,

We are using GTS 11 version and trying to transfer Tariff codes (101) to S/4 HANA system unfortunately this is not happening even though we defined Numbering scheme in S/4 HANA at Tariff level.

S/4 HANA settings version 2021

SPRO->International trade ---> Define classification--->Define Tariff numbers.

GTS Settings

SPRO --->Define numbering scheme --->Define tariff numbers --> Schema --> External numbering schema with S/4 Schema

As shown in the screen shot against Tariff scheme 102 is defaulted and not in editable mode which is causing the issue it seems.

Can anyone suggest a way forward to transfer the 101-code using comco transfer program to S/4 HANA and update against Display product classification APP



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