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SAP GTS 10.1 - /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP Table Entries - Get Deleted Automatically

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Hi Experts,

We have Upgraded from GTS 8.0 to GTS 10.1. Post Upgrade, we are trying to release Business partners from the Area Menu--> Sanctioned party List Screening--> Display Blocked Documents. After the Business partner is released and saved, new records are added into the table /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP; but within few minutes/ some times, even within a minute, the records are automatically deleted from the table. These records are supposed/expected to exist in the table.

We see that, when we release and save the blocked document, relevant entries get saved in the table /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP. But when there are any more blocked documents, the table /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP entries are deleted/wiped off within some time.

From the Txn-SM13 log, we see the following:

Function module:      /SAPSLL/ADRCONSP_DB_DEL.

Type: V1

Update return code - Error (no retry).

On double click, the following is the resultant screen:

Please provide your inputs on this.

Thank you,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Chaitanya,

I'm not really familiar with that functionality, but the error you're seeing is from the Function Module that is trying to DELETE the table entries.  The message shows that it failed to delete them, and given what you say, that's rather puzzling.

There are a few recent correction notes regarding that table, so you might want to see if any of them point towards your problem.

Sorry not to be of more help this time.



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