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SAP GRC12 Ruleset changes

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I have a question regarding GRC 12. We use GRC12 in the workplace. Recently we moved to S4/HANA and GRC comes embedded on the S4 itself. After project Go-Live, whenever we moved any change to the GRC ruleset, we found some duplicate entries. Our consultant advised that for transporting ruleset changes from one environment to another (say from DEV to QA), you need to delete the ruleset in the destination before you transport the modified ruleset. Then the duplicates won't appear. According to the consultant, this is recommended by SAP. Previously we were using GRC 10.1 and we never had this issue, changes to the ruleset moved seamlessly from DEV to QA to PROD. Do you have any experience in SAP GRC 12, and ruleset modifications? What is your experience? Please share.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Pradeep,

Please follow that process as you described. As long as there is no deletion, the transport works. The problem is only when you delete some rules and transport it and it was not captured in the transport.