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SAP GRC BRM - Impact Analysis

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Hello Experts,

Question on running Impact Analysis in BRM while updating a role - We want to use GRC Prod to initiate a role change. Based on the connector mapping setting, we have the Dev system as default for Role Maintainance. The question is if we are running impact analysis, it is taking the Dev system in Analysis and Simulation Criteria which we do not want as the role will not be assigned to any users in Prod, and if we change the system to Prod, then both the System in Analysis and Simulation Criteria is changed to Prod which is incorrect too as the role data is in Dev.

ideally, we want Analysis Criteria to have a Prod system and Simulation Criteria should have Dev which is doable when running Simulation outside BRM.


Please advise on running the Impact Analysis correctly from BRM.

SAP Access Control 



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