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SAP CPQ Quote follow up C4C Sales order

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Hi, CPQ Expert.

I am working C4C&CPQ project.

This project scope is using Variant Configuration in S/4, SAP CPQ , C4C (Sales Cloud)

My client ask to create sales order in S/4HANA as follow-up CPQ quote.

They want to check ATP check, Credit check through sales order in C4C. and next step is creating sales order in S/4.

First, how to create sales order in C4C as follow up CPQ quote?

Second, is it possible to create sales order include configurable product?

Third, is it possible to check ATP check, Credit check through sales order in C4C?

Is there a good idea?

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Hi youngjik.cho

Please find my response for your questions,

You'll need a VCP (aka CPS) to transfer the variant configuration products from S/4 VC to CPQ. Please refer below help doc,

The Order creation as a followup document to CPQ is available as a standard. PFB for related help doc,

ATP check in SAP CPQ - It is not available as a standard but It can be implemented as a custom solution for simple products.

Transferring configurable products from CPQ quote to S4 Sales Order - It is available as a standard.

Hope this helps,


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Hello youngjik.cho,

In standard it is not possible create C4 Sales Order as follow-up of CPQ Quote. Even if you create, you cannot read the ATP, credit information as it doesnt exist in C4C. Instead if you create a follow-up S4 order as per standard process, you can see the ATP, Variant info, credit info from S4 on the C4 order and finally complete the order if you chose to. Then the further process in S4 after order will continue.

If you still want to create standalone order in C4C as CPQ Quote follow-up , you can check the standard CPQ Quote-S4 Order iflows and re-use it to create an order in C4C. Only when you connect it to S4 , you can see ATP,Variant, credit details.


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Thank you for your answer.

I have an question.

Client wants the scenario below.

(System : S/4 with VC, SAP CPQ, C4C)

1. Create CPQ Quote in C4C.

2. Create Sales order in C4C as follow-up of CPQ Quote.

3. Check ATP, credit check in sales order in C4C ( already integrate with S/4 )

4. Create Sales order in S/4 as follow-up of C4C's sales order.

5. Display all relevant document (CPQ Quote, sales order C4C, S/4, delevery Doc. Billing Doc. ) in document flow tab in C4C's sales order.

Client wants to do everything in C4C. (C4C only connection)

Are these possible?

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Thank you for your answer.

I already checked that how to integration variant configuration product from s/4 to CPQ .

I have a question.

Is it possible to create C4C sales order as follow up CPQ quote? not that S/4 sales order.

also include configurable info. in C4C sales order?

and next I wand to check atp, credit check though C4C sales order.

finally S/4 sales order create as follow up C4C sales order...

is there a good idea?