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SAP CPQ: How to create custom pop-up?

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Hi, friends!

I'm totally new in SAP CPQ and sorry if my question is too simple or repetitive.

I want to create a custom pop-up and call it when I'll push a custom button.

There would be TextBox and two buttons (Apply, Cancel) on the pop-up window.

I've already created a custom button "Use Promo" by Custom Actions on the Quote page, but I don't know how to create a custom pop-up.

I'll be grateful for the step-by-step guide or any useful feedback.


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Hi Sigy

I guess the button you had created is based out of custom actions. You need to create a HTML button in Responsive templates and attach the knockout.js popup function to this button executing python script.

In Responsive Template --> create a HTML button for cart page & build a popup JS function and attach it this HTML Button. In the JS function you need to execute the python script to perform some action.