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SAP CPQ - CPQ embedded inside C4C


Hi Experts...

A question about the approval process:

How does CPQ approval work inside SAP C4C?
When opening the C4C, the approver is unable to view yours pending Approval quotations. Is it possible the approver to view quotations in SAP C4C? Or do the approver needs to enter in SAP CPQ to approve them? Do you have a Standard integration scenario for approval?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


As Nikhil answered, the out-of-box feature does not support the approval list view in C4C for the sales quotes integrated to CPQ.

However, the customer can customize a synchronized field respectively in C4C and CPQ to identify the CPQ quotes in approval status. With the field's value replicated between C4C and CPQ, C4C can customize a quote list view based on the standard view with filter criteria on the customized field.

This customizing solution has been successfully deployed to a customer in China.

Hope you can get some insights to fulfill your request.

Best Regards.



Hi samuelconceicao ,

Yes, as of now by standard the user will not be able to find the CPQ quotes waiting for Approval in the C4C. And user needs to explicitly login to CPQ to check those.

Hope this ans your query.