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SAP CC On Line charging with Mediation

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Hi guys!

On a scenario with Mediation and SAP CC, when Mediation send a start a session command (sapcc.session.SessionStartUDR), on a on-line charging, the balance has not been debited. Its ocurr just with update session command (sapcc.session.SessionUpdateUDR).

Is this the expected behavior?

Is there a way to debit the balance on the start session command?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Raphael,

The startSession does a reservation on the counter and on the balance. You cannot display the value (reduced by the reservation) by using the core tool or any other search API. But you can be sure that another session start or a rating will see the value decremented by the reservation.

See Session-Based Charging Limitations for more details.

Best regards,

Eric F.

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Thanks again!

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