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SAP BPC Data Validation before Data save

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I have one query regarding data validation before data save to BPC Input form. Below is the requirement:

In above scenario Line 1 VOLUME is 30, so it should be mandatory for the user to submit the PRICE for Line 2. If user try to Save the data than system should through an Error.

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One possible option is as below.

In One of the excel cell use the formula ISBLANK() by pointing it to the price input cell. It returns true /false based on if the cell is blank. Now you can check the cell with ISBLANK in BEFORE_SAVE event of BPC. the if condition would be like If Sheets("sheetname").range("A1").value = True, A1 is the cell which will have the ISBLANK(c3), C3 is the price input cell

Refer to the blog below for some guidance

Hope this helps !!