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SAP BPC 11.0 Transformation file error : Using Multiple conditions

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Hi Folks,

I am working on BPC 11.0 standard and trying to create a transformation file to update the Audittrail dimension member based on the following condition:

If INTERCO column is blank and P_SEGMENT column is not blank, then the data should be written to Audittrail - 16INTRA. All other data should be written to AuditTrail - 11INPUT.

The data file contains two records that fulfill the condition for 16INTRA and the transformation is working perfectly.

However two other records shown below are also being picked up where the reverse condition is true : INTERCO column is not Blank and P_SEGMENT is blank

which is leading to the following error:

"Command line failed: end position is out of record index"

Requesting your kind help and inputs to solve the above.

Screenshots of the transformation file and data file attached

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