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SAML2 SSO working from BPC Web Client - but failing when initiating from the Excel client

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I've been directed here by Product Support - ref: "Incident 208720/2018 'SAML2 authentication from EPM Add-In not working' which I raised.

We have configured SAML2 SSO between Web Dispatcher and Microsoft Azure AD. The authentication flow works as expected when launching the BPC Web client.

However, when we open up a blank excel sheet and attempt to create a connection through the EPM Add-In the authentication process fails. All details are in the support ticket or I can provide further details if someone PMs me.

All help gratefully received since Product Support are unwilling to progress the ticket without input from SAP Consultants on this topic.

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Answers (3)

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Hey matt,

were you able to fix this issue? I'm trying to find a document for configuring SAML on EPM Excel add-in but could not find a good documentation anywhere.

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Hi April,

Sorry, just seen this - don't seem to be able to find any setting to receive answers to questions as an email 😞

I wasn't aware of that - we'll give that a try shortly and report back.


- Matt

Active Contributor
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"don't seem to be able to find any setting to receive answers to questions as an email" - but it's a profile setting very easy to set!

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Maybe my SAP filtering and sorting rules in Outlook have been hiding them from me....

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April - I tested SP32 but still no luck 😞

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Hi Matt,

I briefly pulled up your incident and see that you are on EPM SP30. There was a fix for SAML2 authentication in SP32

Have you tested this in sp32? I If not please do so and let us know how that works.


April Shultz