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Sales org not applied to subscription contract -BRIM

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Hello All,

I have created new Root Org model and created Business partner with roles CRM001, FNCu01,MKK .

Assigned Attributes in the Root org. Used STD Subscription order : PRVO ..

Error: Once I entered partner in the order then it is giving me error sales org is not defined.

If I enter the org manually then it is stating that this sales org "z001,00(distribution),Division (00) is not allowed for PRVO.

I have validated all the Business partner rules, ..and all config setting .. any help is appreciated

I am sensing the this is some thing to do with Business partners org assignment.

info: I have included sales org in Business partner with role FLCU01, in sale screen

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Hi Chandra,

SD sales organization is assigned to BP while the organization data in subscription (or any service transaction) is CM sales organization unless you have enterprise org model enabled.

So the 2 sales organizations must be mapped. Please follow chapter "Organizational Data" from the Integration Guide for SAP S/4HANA BRIM Using Subscription Order Management available on BRIM portal Thanks.