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S4 Hana Public Cloud: AP clearing with residual items

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I try to understand, if it is possible in S4 Hana Public to clear an AP invoice against a credit memo or any other payment and post the residual amount as residual item with reference to the original invoice without closing the original open item. This is possible in on premise.

In S4 public cloud I can see only app Clear Outgoing Payments, this app does not allow to post a residual item with reference to an invoice.

As far as I can see, you can post only on Account, but in this case the original open item is closed an a new open teim for the residual amount is created without reference to the original invoice.

It is important to understand to which original invoice the residual amount relates to.


The item in yellow is the residual amount, a new open item is created and the reference to the orginal invoice is lost. It refernces only to itself.

Is there any other app or workaround in S4 public cloud?

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