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Return Lot Error in FICA

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Hello Experts,

I am facing issue in performing below scenario of return on multiple clarified payment.

1.I clarified and posted payment from FPCPL by giving correct account details.
2.Then again I sent full payment document to clarification using T code FP27 and again posted full payment using FPCPL t code.
3.Then posted return lot on latest payment document through T code FP09.

When I am posting the return it is giving error 'Return is only valid for 12******(payment doc) if partial clarification is reversed'.

But there was no partial clarification done it was full, can anyone help me in understanding why I am getting this error?

Thanks in Advance!!

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Answers (2)

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Hello Monica,

Ideally this issue shouldnt happen if you've clarified the amount totally. Anyway, can you please share the error message details? And also can you please tell us when your're getting the message? In the postprocessing screen(FPCRL) or at the time of giving the payment document number through FP09 itself?



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Hi Monica,

Please check if the payment document was cleared partially in between Step 1 and Step 2.

If I am considering the happy path scenario, ideally no issues should had occured, because the payment was posted from clarification to on account and back to clarification and then posted on accounts.

Had the payment been posted completely, it would have allowed the posting of return lot correctly.

Also please check if some custom logic is present in Event 265 in your case.