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Restore Journals Error - Column () must be specified in journal file

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Hi All,

Here is what I have done -

1. Created a journal template and posted 1 journal.

2. Ran export package which generated a .jrn file with 1 header and 2 rows for journal entries.

3. Opened the .jrn file in notepad and saved as txt.

4. Opened the .txt file from excel and made it delimited with comma and saved it as csv.

5. Made some changes and tried running import journal package with this csv as input.

First, it gave an error saying ACCOUNT_GR not found. I found in an other working environment that the header for account dimension is kept as ACCOUNT_GR even though account dim name is account, so I changed to ACCOUNT_GR in my csv

Then, it started giving this error, Column () must be specified in journal file. I am sure I have saved this correctly as csv, Any other thoughts please?

BPC 10.1 on HANA BW 740.

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Hi Vadim,

The issue was with journal validation BADI. We had a custom code in there which was causing the issue. After we turned off the validation, import was successful. Thanks for your help.



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May be you are talking about: BADI_UJJ_CALCULATED_AMOUNT?