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RERAOP Configuration

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Hi Experts!

I've been searching articles about One time Posting (RERAOP), but unable to find much data. I've done some test configurations and was able to post with no errors for positive charges.

Now I am trying to allow posting of negative values / decrease charges thru RERAOP, but unable to configure properly / without errors. Please help.


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Hi MC Arce,

In accounting there is no concept of negative values. We have customer invoices and debit memos. Customer invoices increases receivables and debit memo decreases receivables. The entry will be like:

Customer Invoice:

Customer A/C debit ------------------------------------               1000

Rent Revenue Credit ----------------------------------                1000

Debit Memo:

Rent Revenue Debit -----------------------------------                1000

Customer A/C Credit  ---------------------------------                1000

Now coming to one time postings (RERAOP), SAP standard has given posting activities for both debit posting and credit posting.

You may copy CNC010 for debit postings and CNV010 for credit postings.

Hope this helps, try copying CNV010, make a Z and check your requirement.

In case of doubt, I am here, will help you resolve this.



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thank you sir for your help. will try this now and let you.