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Report for french General Tax on Polluting Activities

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In France, since 2000, we have to make a legal declaration to pay a tax on polluting activities. This tax is called the "General Tax on Polluting Activities" or TGAP. We had developed a specific program to carry out this legal need. This development, which is based on the MSEG and VBRP tables, is now falling due to volume in time-out.

I searched the OSS database to see if there was a report that would generate this legal report, but without success.

Could you tell me if SAP answer to this legal need in France, please?

If so, what are the OSS notes to apply?

Thank you in advance for your return.

Best regards,

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why didn't you run the report in background ?

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I would have someone review how the program is working and determine if it can be set to only look at history as of a specific timeframe(e.g. only go back 12 months, 24months) . Here are two other ideas:

1. Does the Selection Criteria include setting a specific date range?

2. When was the last time your company archived it's data? Archiving old data should free up space as well but archiving is a project of it's own.