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Regarding end-users VAT number

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I have a problem with VAT number. Sometimes happens that the end-users VAT number is not listed on the revenue report(YFI_CUST_INV / vmlkrp1a01m), but the customers VAT number does show up on the invoice.

I received the following reply: likely caused by an issue in copy control that has been there from day 1. -Missing copy control ZZENDUSERVAT field. A user exit will sync up ZZZENDUSERVAT and Shipto-VATnr to last change. I suspect the blank ZZENDUSERVAT has overwritten the shipto vatnr, on the copy from credit invoice to debit memo.

Report is taking it from an ‘official’ field, but invoice layout seems to print Text note 10 dynamic field CUSTOMER_TAX_NO.In the enclosed file you will find some examples from invoices where the VAT number is on the invoice, but not on the revenue report.

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