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REFX - Tax code for partial valuable condition - transfer posting

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Dear SAP experts.

We have a case when a condition is partially valuable, the system creates a transfer posting tab in valuation. When the valuation posting is performed the system sets the tax code assigned to the condition (in posting parameters - postings) to this cashflow transfer posting. Is this behaviour changed within TCI notes? Because we had the same scenario previous TCI implementation (3019078, 3189605) and the valuation posting for the transfer posting the system sets the tax code defined as Intput/output tax type 0% (defined in TIVCACCSET table)

We understand that the current behaviour is correct but we want to know if this behaviour has changed.

Many thanks.

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I am not sure if this change came in during TCI but there is a flag in the valuation rule on company code level in which can be decided if the posting must be done without a Tax code.


Best regards,

Jeroen Pasman