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RE-FX - automatic User Status update after contract changes

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Hello everybody,

As standard, in RE-FX a contract is activated and its user status is set to APPR (approved) by the process responsible person if all requirements are met.

This step can be used, for example, to control whether documents can be posted for this contract.

Normally this status can only be reset manually.

As errors can occur when changing the contract data, we want to ensure that this contract is checked again before postings can be made.

We want to achieve this by ensuring that the status of the contract automatically changes to Edit and therefore the approval workflow has to be triggered.

Therefore my question: is it possible to have the User Status of contract automatically updated from APPR back to EDIT or EDCO after each contract's change?

I would be very grateful if someone could give me some hints on how to do this and which enhancement is needed.

Thank you very much.



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your questions is not very clear.. would it possible to elaborate more?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nayara,

You'll have to implement an enhancement using BAdI definition BADI_RECN_CONTRACT. Make sure to check out note 1526490 - FAQ: Using BAdI's in RE-FX

Regards, Andre

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Thank you very much. We're now working on the BAdI implementation.


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