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Provider contract XX does not exist

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Dear Experts,

for our customer we're implementing the integration between S4hana public cloud and SAP subscription billing (scope item 57Z).

I created a new subscription from the app Manage Subscriptions available in S4hpc by clicking on "Create".
When I saved the subscription, the provider contract ID was available in the Processing data, but if click on the ID to display the contract I get an error message saying "Provider contract XX does not exist" (see attached images).
The same error pops up if I try to display it from app Display provider contract.
This is a problem both for billing documents posting and revenue recognition.

Why does this occur and how can it be solved?

This issue doesn't occur when the subscription is first created as a subscription item of a Solution order.
Does this means that in the context of the integration with S4hpc, subscriptions cannot be created as standalone documents but ONLY as follow-up documents of a Solution Order?

Thank you in advance for clarifying this important point, I didn't find any info in the SAP help nor otherTinyTake08-02-2024-03-53-56.pngTinyTake08-02-2024-03-52-46.png blogs/questions.

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On creation of the subscription, the provider contract ID link is displayed in the Processing Data block of the subscription regardless of whether the provider contract has actually been created.

There could be some issue related to the data that you are using, which has prevented creation of the provider contract via the Manage Subscriptions app compared to when you created the subscription item in the solution order. You could check whether the same Subscription Profile is being used in each case. The Subscription Profile that is set as Default in the Manage Business Configuration app is used when the subscription is created via the solution order. When creating the subscription via the Manage Subscriptions app, a different Subscription Profile can be selected in the Create Subscription dialog.

Ensure that the customer for whom you created the Subscription in SAP Subscription Billing is also known in SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, meaning that the corresponding Business Partner has been replicated successfully from S/4HANA CE to SAP Subscription Billing. The product and rate elements that you are using should also have been replicated successfully from SAP Subscription Billing to S/4HANA CE.

I would also recommend using the Message Monitoring app (see also the Monitoring Data Replication documentation) when error situations occur, specifically the interface /FINCA – PC_SB_IN