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Product aggregation on Billing document for customer with multiple subscriptions

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Dear Expert, 

For our customer we're implementing the integration between S4hana public cloud and SAP subscription billing (scope item 57Z).

Please consider the following scenario: 
the end customer purchases subscriptions for the data consumption of their serialized devices.
Since the customer wants to be able to pause and resume the subscription linked to each device, we'll create 1 subscription per device with technical resource = serial number of the device.
Let's say we have 3 devices with 3 subscription
s, each subscription containing the same 2 rate elements.

If we group the 3 subscription billing requests into one billing document, the item list of the billing document will look like this:

1000rate element 11 ea
2000rate element 21 ea
3000rate element 11 ea
4000rate element 21 ea
5000rate element 11 ea
6000rate element 21 ea

On the contrary, we would like quantities to be aggregated for the same product in order to achieve the following in the billing document + form:

1000rate element 13 ea
2000rate element 23 ea

Can you please advise on how we could achieve this?
I've looked into Aggregations in pricing but it looks like this feature influence the pricing of one subscription and not the aggregation of multiple subscriptions, or am I mistaken?

Thank you for the help.


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