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Problem in using LSMW in Treasury

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Hi Guys,

I am currently running into a problem regarding LSMW in Treasury, in which we are helping clients transfer financial instruments such as loan contracts/ deposits contracts that were made outside SAP at the time of GO-LIVE.

The problem here is that a loan contract that has certain transactions which have been already posted before the point of SAP go-live.

For example: A loan contract with the following terms:

Duration: 1 year

Start of term: Jan 1st, 2021

End of term: Dec 31th, 2021

Frequency: interest will be paid per quarter

Time of Go-live: October 10th, 2021

So you can see that, at the time of go-live, there have been 3 transactions regarding interest payment (interest paid for the past 3 quarters) and 1 transaction regarding the principal increase having been posted and reflected in the balances of G/L accounts.

When we use LSMW for the above transaction and use TBB1 for posting flows for transactions that have not been posted (including the final interest payment for the last quarter and the final repayment) after the go-live point. However, when we use TBB1, all transactions including 4 transactions (3 interest payments and 1 principal increase) that were posted before go-live will be posted again, which causes the duplication in posting for those transactions.

Therefore, our aim is that we want to find solutions that can block posting for transactions of a loan contract that were posted before Go-live point when using LSMW, or any other solutions that can help me solve this issue.

It would be much appreciated if someone let me know potential solutions or any ideas regarding this matter.

Thanks so much!

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tx TBB1_LC. It will mark transactions as posted.

Kind Regards