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Payment proposal(F110) workflow rejection

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Hi Experts,

In S/4 Hana we have activated paypment proposal approval workflow(WS23200018) and confirgured the approvals using tcode F110WFR.When we run the F110 payment proposal, the approval triggering properly. But there is only approval part is there in standard, but not rejection part in standard.

But as per client requirement, we need rejection option also and the workflow should go back payment proposal creator for correction and resend it to approval.

is there any possibilyt for this option. Is there any notes available fo this option.

please suggest me any feasibility.

Thanks & Regards,

Suresh Namani

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Hi Suresh, Could you please point me where triggered it where the actual workflow is being triggered(using implicit enhancemnt) this can be done to trigger custom workflow. Appreciate your responce. Thanking you in advance. Regards, N

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Answers (2)

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Hi Suresh,

We have the same requirement. Could you please share some screen shots of your solution.


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Can anybody help me with the point where I need to trigger my custom workflow - implicit enhancemnt


Vivek Gupta.

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Hi Suresh Namani - We have the same requirement. can you please help?

i assume this is classic workflow and not flexible workflow





Yes this a classic workflow. In standard rejetion option is not there.

I have copied the standard work flow(WS23200018, WS23200017) and triggered it where the actual workflow is being triggered(using implicit enhancemnt). I deactivated the standard one in event linkage and activated custom one.

Then added the reject option also in custom one. But after adding reject event, the terminating events are not working for rejection one.

So I have changed the tak from Async to Sync, so I am able to handle the action in class method and captured into workflow.

Here I have copied the standard class(CL_PAYMENT_PROPOSAL_WF) also to custom and done the changes accordingly.