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Payment Method integration

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I want to integrate a new online pay methods with Sap Commerce (ex Sap Hybris) v18.11

This new payment method is via direct bank transfer (no credit card involved). The communication should be via API Rest and I want to be able to:

- Set new paymethod as available payment in SAP

- Be able to process online payments

- Be able to process invoice and quotation/sales order payments

- Be able to include a direct paylink and QR Code into invoices, quotations and sales order.

- Track payments and manage refunds.

I've seen at Sap Portal for Sap Commerce that paymentSAP Commerce environment only supports card payments. Technically speaking, the main task of the payment extension is to provide interfaces that let you build an adapter to integrate external payment service providers into the extension allows you to support payment operations for the SAP Commerce system and store the data necessary to support transactions.

My question is: Is it possible to perform the integration described above or SAP Commerce has limitations?

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