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Payment medium formats to Payment method used by 2 company company codes in same country in SAP FSCD



I need to setup 2 house banks under 1 Company code out of 2 company codes available in same country.

Both house bank accept different Payment medium formats.

I configure the new Payment medium format PMF1 to a Country say C1 in T.Code: FQP1

Say, This country have 2 Company codes CC1 and CC2.

In FQP4, for one of the Company codes say CC1, The Payment medium format is assigned but not for other Company code: CC2.

When run FPY1, i get the PMF1 in template ran for CC2 which is not expected. We still want CC2 to be executed with existing Payment medium format say PMF0?

Please advise.

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Hi Ashish,

payment methods in TC FQP1 have a 1:1 relationship to payment medium format from TC FQP3.

So you have to set-up one payment method for company code CC1 with format PMF1 and a second payment method for company code CC2 with format PMF0.

Best Regards,