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Out of Memory error while accessing Data View

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Hello All ,

We have installed SSM 7.5 SP 04 for a client. We have loaded the HFPBM model and created two more dimensional models. When we are trying to view the data present in the HFPBM model in the Data View tab , the PAS is hanging...the memory usage( PASADMIN.exe) is going up to 1800 MB and out of memory message is displayed. We tried increasing the size of the default memory of the dimensional model. But the error persists. We have filed a support ticket with SAP. The PAS is hanging even while viewing the Data View tab for other dimensional models as well. Suppose if a model has no measures , then "this model has no measures" error comes and then the PAS vanishes. Did anyone come across this problem ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is a very unusual situation. I know that this is also going through Support and are awaiting your PAS trace file.



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