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NW EPM / BPC 10 add-in doesn't show data

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we are facing problem, when one of customers PCs doesnt show any transaction data in EPM add-in.

It doesnt matter which user logs to add-in on this PC. Reports are loaded well there, but without transaction data.

Im pretty sure there is no data or account problem, but probably problem with current PC or some settings.

Transaction data are visible from reports in "WEB-CLIENT".

Each PC consists of same HW and SW.

EPM add-in SP15. Tried to reinstall too.

Software requirements are met.

I also switched log level to "INFO", but logs seems exactly fine as logs on another PC while opening the same report. I will try to move to the "TRACE" level.

Any idea would be helpful. Thanks.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Viktor,

Please check if Freeze Data Refresh option is checked in User Options. If it is checked data will not showed in report.



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Thanks for fast reply.

None of users can see transaction data on this computer. All other computers works well. So it should not be caused by the user setting, but something more general.

Edit: Seems user settings are not working as i thought and they are applied in general for all users on specific add-in and NOT just for currently logged ONE. So when i set my User setting, its not like having saved that setting just for my account? It apllies generally fow every user logged to add-in on same PC?

Problem resolved, option was checked.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Viktor,

You can install Fiddler and capture some HTTP log when refreshing report. From the fiddler log, you can find it which dimension is passed to back-end to retrieve data. Use the same dimension members shown in fiddler log and check if the data in the back-end really exists.

For  example,

Best Regards,