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Not Relevant for LTVDs

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Hello GTS experts,

I am having the following issue while generating the LTVDs for the vendors. I am unable to perform the LTVD for some SKUs but for some, I am getting this error. I did the data comparison from Vendor/BoP/Material standpoint and everything seems fine to me. There are handful of SKUs that appear in my LTVD worklist but not sure when I try to generate the LTVD I get this error, any clue?

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Answers (1)

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Hello Naveen,

Make sure all the preference relevant master data (Procurement Indicators, prices etc.,) is transferred to GTS successfully.

Validate the LTVD Control settings configuration if you have any settings specific to Admin Units or Vendors.

Check if there are any LTVD request triggered already for the combination which you are checking in LTVD Monitoring. Even this could through you the error.