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MTEF Budget ( Medium Term Expenditure Framework) / PS-FM

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Dear all,

We are running a project for PS-FM S/4 HANA and we are trying to find a solution to cover budget process MTEF ( Medium Term Expenditure Framework).

Please take into consideration that it is a rolling process, meaning it is not for a fiscal 5 year period , but always 4+1, e.g. 2021-2025, 2022-2026. 2023-2027 etc and budget postings are made per year.

So, it is not multi-year budget. Official annual budget still valid and independent but needed to be monitored also in parallel with MTEF.

Also there is a necessity for monitoring a kind of medium term reservations ( as forecast) against every separate year of MTEF budget.

Any possible help would be great.

Thank you,


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