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Monitoring / Alerts for /workingDirectory INVALID files

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Hi CC Team

I would like to know what is the best way to trigger alerts when new files get created in the INVALID folder for a JCo RFC

We tried to SolMan File Monitoring via "Interfaces and Connections" -> Flat files , but not receiving any alerts.

Also, we recently applied patch to rectify the SLD data supplier issue. After the patch, we are able to get correct data into SLD/LMDB and able to setup Managed System Configuration / System Monitoring , but if an instance is shutdown for testing purpose , it is not recognized and no alerts are triggered.

I know these are Solman issues. We are on latest SPS13 for Solman 7.2.

Can you provide any comments that CC 2020 is properly supported by Solman for monitoring ?



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Hi Yatin,

Convergent Charging doesn't have any feature to raise alerts automatically when "INVALID" files are created.
Currently, the way to detect errors is to directly check the two error directories (INVALID and COM_EXCEPTION) using your own means.
Still, the two following standard features may also be helpful:
- Cockpit's "Analyze item files" application
Using this Cockpit application, you can visually monitor the status of the data files, and decide whether you need to react upon anything.
- CA Introscope (aka Wily) metrics
This is the whole list of available metrics. There, you will find indicators about the number of files, and you may be able to use that too.

If you need further help, we recommend you to involve a consultant.

Best regards.

SAP Convergent Charging Support

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Hi François

Thanks for your inputs. Below are my comments on both,

1. Analyze item files

When we open the file in our Dev system, does show Unprocessed Items and the file name , but it does not have a way to open that failed file inside cockpit to look at the error. They only way is to go to OS level and look at contents. CC consultants do not have access to the servers / OS level.

When we open the tile in our QA system, where we recently had 8500+ files in INVALID folder holding about 8 million orders / consumption items stuck , the cockpit does not show any files in Lost / Unprocessed list at all. So the Cockpit is useless for analyzing the issue in any sceanrio.

2. We do have CC configured with Wily Introscope , and after digging for a bit we found POSTPAID_CIT_ERR_INVALID_WRITER (Bulkloader) section where we get some details but again no way to check error contents.

Also, we have 16 bulkloader instances. Doing manual checks makes no sense.

Over all, If you can comments on

1. why no unprocessed / error files shown in cockpit for QA with 8500+ files in error.

2. What is the way CC consultants check error details, if they do not have access to OS/Filesystem.

3. If you have some templates for Solman monitoring, Why not enhance them to provide alerts on INVALID or COM_EXCEPTION errors

Even with CC 2020, we had issues with getting correct data to SLD and we had to install special patch for the same .. There should be more efforts to improve monitoring / alerts for various items.

Since you are suggesting to involve a consultant if we needed more info beyond your comment, what kind of consultant would that be ?