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Modify subscription setting 'Bill Recurring Charges Together' to manage payment exposure

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Using 'Bill Recurring Charges Together' on the subscription header, I can bill recurring charges for multiple periods together. eg Monthly recurring charge of £ advance for 3 months producing bill of £30 using setting of 3.

How can I adjust the subscription, so that I change the 'Bill Recurring Charges Together' from 3 to 2 together instead of 3. So I would first like bill to be £30 for first 3 months & then after that going forward reduced to £20 for 2 periods. This scenario is required for requirement to adjust payments exposure.

I find I am unable to do this from 'Manage Subscription' app


Hi Amer,

this is not supported at the moment. The number of cycles billed together is immutable. You will find this information in the in-app help for this field (look for the question mark next to your profile icon, then open the text for this field).

Kind regards,


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