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Model User Issue GRC12

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We recently upgraded from GR10.1 to GRC12.0 and we had no major issues. What we have noticed is that we have a strange issue with our model user requests. The user can go through the normal process, select the model user, systems, add the roles and submit the request.

The system gives the user a request number and all looks good. The issue is that nothing happens, no email alert is sent, no workflow is triggered and when you search for the request the request does not exist in the system. I have checked the initiator rules, BRF and nothing has changed. All other requests work without error, any one have any ideas as i am m lost as to why it has stopped working

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Answers (2)

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Hi Mark,

I would check the post installation steps and also the MSMP, initial rule etc..check SLG1 for any clues and also it would be great if you could shar the SP level?



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Hi Mark,

I've experienced similar issues. What worked for me was the manual activation of workflows.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,