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Missing Targets at F3331 "Analyze Costs by Work Center/Operation"

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We have a major problem with the Fiori App “Analyze Costs by Work Center”.

The App pretends to show the “Target cost” for Production orders. But in practice the Fiori App “Analyze Costs by Work Center” shows zeros where we expect to see target costs.

The same production orders have target cost as in GUI t code CO03 'Cost Analysis' or GUI report S_ALR_87013127 "Plan/Targctual comp". T code KKS1 ‘Variance Calculation’ is running daily for all plants and production orders.

Below is an example order 102008675 that started in February and ended in March that shows the problem.

The GUI app has the target for the order but is unfortunately showing only one order in the list. The Fiori app would be so useful to show all orders of a plant in one long list but unfortunately it’s not showing targets for all the orders.

What we need is that the Fiori app should show the identical target on orders same as GUI t code CO03 does but for all production orders of a plant.

Who can help?

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