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Minimum income increase based on the average IPC (Real Estate Flexible)

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good afternoon

Would you be so kind to help me how to configure an increment in a condition and that BADI could be used to perform the following requirement.

1. Obtain the average CPI of the country where the contract is being executed for the 5 years prior to the year in which the increase is being executed and add a percentage point.

Example: If the increase is being executed in the year 2019, the indices of the year 2018 should be taken backwards.

2018 1.52%

2017 1.13%

2016 2.26%

2015 2.12%

2014 2.40%

Average 1.90%

Index to apply = Average + 1% = 2.90%

2. Multiply the current base rent at the time of executing the review process by the index to be applied

New base rent value = Current base rent * 2.90%

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