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Maximum Recommended Number Of Subscription Contracts in Subscription Contract Document

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Hi Team,

I would like to know the maximum recommended number of subscription contracts which can be added to subscription contract document. I have searched for standard recommendation but didn't get any documentation. Request you to provide if we have any documentation for recommendation of maximum number of line items that can be added to subscription order which will result in creation of subscription contract for each line item when ever we submit the order.

In my scenario , I need to add more than 30 line items to subscription order. What will be the performance impact in this case?



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Hi Surya,

You can upto 3000 subs contract (this is the max we created)



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Hi Surya,

such numbers are highly dependent on the use case and the system environment and settings you are using. That's why there is no official document available.

If you are creating a high number of contracts for the same business partner and you are using CC, we recommend to take the feature account split into picture. SAP Help: Subscription Order Management, Account Split

If you are working with CC and you create a certain number of subitems please check also CC Note 2478958

Regards Doris